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What You Need to Know About Prp Hair Treatment

What is Prp Hair Treatment?

PRP means Platelet Rich Plasma, blood rich from clot cells. In the treatment of PRP, clot cells derived from one’s own blood and plasma rich in growth factors are used to regenerate skin and hair.

How is treatment effective?

PRP contains growth factors and nutrient proteins. When applied to the skin and hair, these substances provide vitality and renewal of the skin and hair.

Who can be treated?

It can be applied to male and female patients with hair thinning and thinning and male pattern hair loss (androgenic alopecia).

How long is the interval and how many sessions are applied?

The treatment is administered on average 4-6 sessions at 3-6 week intervals. Application 20 min. takes.

How to make hair with PRP?

After PRP is prepared, it is given to the bottom of hair with the help of tiny needles. Sometimes it is applied together with micro needling method. PRP is applied by micro-needling and PRP is applied to the hair follicles to be absorbed from the skin.

Is it a painful procedure?

Application is made with very small needles. Anesthetic solutions are applied before the procedure. Pain is felt during the procedure.

How long will the result be?

With PRP, responses from hair treatment are delayed. Thickening and thinning of the hair begin to occur after the third treatment.

How long is it effective?

Hair PRP is effective for 6-8 months. Because genetic hair loss is prone to repeat, it may be necessary to repeat PRP every 4-6 months.

What are the side effects of hair treatment with PRP?

In general, no side effects are expected after hair treatment with PRP. Allergy side effects are not expected because the person has their own blood.

What can be seen after hair treatment with PRP?

In the first application after hair treatment with PRP, headache may last for half a day. Therefore, painkillers can be taken. In addition, hair loss may increase temporarily in the first application. After this short-term condition, hair loss is reduced.

Can PRP be used in combination with other methods?

Hair PRP treatment combined with hair mesotherapy can be used to increase the effectiveness.

What are the changes seen in hair after PRP treatment?

Hair PRP treatment after the hair thickening, decrease in thinning, hair quality is seen.

Who does not treat hair with PRP?

PRP does not apply to mothers, breastfeeding mothers, skin infections, blood thinners, and especially cancer patients.


You can reach the academic resource about Prp here. You can also contact us for detailed information.

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