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Hair PRP

Hair PRP

PRP (Plasma Rich Platet), the patient’s own blood to be taken from a special process after the separation of the rich plasma as a cell after the process of the patient is applied to the desired area of healing.

How To?

The main function of platelets is to provide blood clotting and has an important effect on wound healing thanks to the growth factors it contains. It provides revitalizing and constructive effects. No reaction is possible  because of the patient’s own blood is used in this procedure.

Hair PRP;

  • To prevent hair loss by strengthening the hair,
  • To make the scalp more shiny and supple,
  • To eliminate or minimize the damages such as wounds and cracks that occur during or outside the operation process,
  • Quickly structure and strengthen the skin against skin problems caused by various operations,
  • To made to reduce the pain.

How do we hair treatment with PRP ?

Daily normal hair loss is in the range of 100-150 strands. If the number is more than this, hair loss should be taken seriously and the help of a professional should be sought. PRP provides satisfactory results in hair treatment in this respect. At this point, the part that will feed and strengthen the roots called fibroblast is separated and injected into the area with hair loss.

PRP method is especially effective in genetic spills. Hair treatment with PRP is usually completed over a period of 3-4 months.This treatment is administered in 30 minutes in 15-day periods. It should be done once a year after this frequent treatment process.

How do we hair transplant with PRP ?

A certain period of time passes during the acquisition of hair follicles from the donor area and its transfer from the recipient area. During this period, hair follicles may be lost. It is very important to keep the hair follicles alive. The roots obtained for this purpose are kept in a cooled area and in specially prepared solutions.

The addition of PRP to the holding solutions or washing the hair follicles directly with the PRP solution is beneficial and allows the effect to occur more quickly. The desired effect can be explained by increasing the survival time of hair follicles, accelerating wound healing and triggering hair follicles to produce hair.

The most important benefit of PRP with the contribution of hair follicles to operation time is the support of instant hair transplantation time. The primary benefit of hair follicles is to ensure the permanence of hair follicles after hair transplantation. PRP supported FUE method is processed. Prp helps to complete the recovery in a very short time after the hair transplantation.  And it also rejuvenates and revitalizes the newly transplanted hair follicles.

Has PRP side effects ?

Because of PRP is made from the patient’s own blood, there is no possibility of allergic reaction or infection. It can be applied easily that it does not show a foreign substance nature.

PRP Hair Transplant

The effect of PRP can be observed differently in each patient. PRP is a completely helpful method. It should be remembered  that PRP is only an adjunct in the healing process.

Hemen Ara