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Working Hours : Monday to Saturday - 09:00 - 17:00
  Contact : +90 (541) 836 51 90 - +1(352)300-2292

About Us

We act in a fully equipped private hospital with our expert staff and with the mission of providing reliable service at high sterilization standards with years of hair transplantation experience.

  • Our experienced plastic surgery specialist staff will take care of even the smallest detail about your hair transplantation.
  • We use the latest system tools and technologies in hair transplantation.
  • FUE technique; which is the most preferred in hair transplantation and which provides patient comfort at maximum level, is applied in our center with special techniques.
  • DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) technique, which is the other most preferred method in hair transplantation, is also applied with special medical pens called Choi.
  • Hair transplantation is performed  in the donor area and in the balding areas with the principle of 100% naturalness in our medical center.
  • We perform with highest sensitivity in determining the frontal hairline which is one of the important points of naturalness in hair transplantation.
  • Our patient is correctly informed about the number of grafts which  is the most important detail provides and the naturalness of hair transplantation .
  • The comfort and health of our patients who prefer us from outside Istanbul for hair transplantation is more important than anything for us.

We inform our patients about the exact number of grafts in the preliminary examinations and prevent them from encountering surprising figures on pricing. Thus,we provide the desired result by determining the number of grafts that will be needed for natural appearance.  If our patients desire;  we help them to watch the video recordings  our old patients who have lived their hair transplantation experience they have shared their experiences  with Hairfit Istanbul or to have a one-to-one interview   to be sure about hair transplantation and Hairfit Istanbul.

If you want to improve the look of your hair; we invite you to Hairfit Istanbul for free hair examination and unique hospitality in our clinic.

Hemen Ara