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Hair Transplantation For Ladies

Hair Transplantation For Ladies

Hair transplantation for ladies is a method preferred by women who experience hair reduction for various reasons. It may be hormone imbalances,  malnutrition, medication use or stress-induced spills. Sometimes, these spills can be enough for healing.

This situation can be forced the patient both aesthetically and psychologically.  Hair transplantation can be done for ladies as with men by selecting the appropriate method after the necessary analysis and tests.

Transplantation procedure is the same as for women. Grafts required for transplantation are collected from the donor area that under local sedation.  Graft is taken from the intermediate part of the nape of the neck in order not to disturb aesthetically and the patient’s life is facilitated.

DHI or FUE system may be preferred according to hair transplant suitability. Transplanting  and healing processes proceed in the same way as men.

Hemen Ara